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All that glitters is not green: debates surrounding energy transition

We share the English version of Focus Point N° 18.

por FRL Buenos Aires

Indigenous rights

CIMI Report: Violence against Indigenous Peoples in Brazil

This report presents the reflection and denunciation that the tormentors of indigenous peoples are more than ever settled within the Brazilian State.

por RLS

Sabotage of South-South integration

No future for UNASUR?

Colombia’s impending withdrawal has left UNASUR on the edge of collapse. Why has the organization continued to struggle?

por Gabriel Gonzalez

Conference in Amazonia

Mining and the people’s consciousness

The Movement for Popular Sovereignty in Mining celebrates its sixth birthday and faces the challenge of putting one of Brazil’s most conflictive production chains on the country’s agenda

por Verena Glass

International Conference

Free public transport for all – dream and reality

Daniel Santini from Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in São Paulo was in Estonia to talk about mobility experiences and free public transportacion in Brazil

por Tallinn Development and Training Centre

North african challenges

A Tunisian perspective on the 2018 WSF in Bahia

I must say that I left Brazil with the same questions that I ask myself after the past editions that I attended. Does it make sense after the lack of political impact of the final edition to keep taking part and contributing to the WSF dynamic?

por Belhassen Handous

World Social Forum 2018

The National, the International and Marielle’s Assassination

On the evening of March 14, the second day of the 2018 WSF in Brazil, 38-year old city councilwoman and human rights activist Marielle Franco was assassinated in Rio de Janeiro

por Ethan Earle

Events in Salvador

Our programme at the World Social Forum 2018

Activities organized/supported by or with the participation of Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and our partners

por Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

The Cape Town Water Crisis

“Shifting the hegemonic approach to water”

“I think we have to be careful – what makes it into the news isn’t the whole story. There is scarcity but there’s also the manufactured scarcity of who gets the water.” Mary Galvin, University of Johannesburg

por Interview by Tadzio Müller

Brazil at a crossroads

The Lula Question

The Brazilian Left is still paralyzed by the question that even the grim results of the Porto Alegre sentence did not put to rest: will Lula be a presidential candidate in 2018?

por Sabrina Fernandes
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