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“The Left is a bit stuck in what needs to be done today”

“Where did we go wrong? Why has this happened? You can’t just blame the enemy. Why should the enemy be nice to you?” PLUS: Ali´s TV programme on corruption in Brazil

por RLS São Paulo

workers' resistance

In the belly of the beast

German workers have been fighting for a fair contract at Amazon’s shipping facilities. The ongoing struggle has become one of the toughest labour disputes in modern German history

por Jörn Boewe and Johannes Schulten


No permanent solution for the right to food

In Buenos Aires, countries form the Global South were being asked to pay yet again, by agreeing to even more demands. Once again, they left empty handed

por Mary Lou Malig


Who controls our food?

The purchasing and sales policies of agrifood corporations promote a form of agriculture that revolves around productivity – at the expense of the weakest links in the chain: farmers and workers

por Friends of the Earth Europe, Heinrich Böll Foundation and Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

Countering corporate dominance

A World Court for Corporations

How the EU plans to entrench and institutionalize Investor-State Dispute Settlement

por CIEL, Seattle To Brussels network and RLF


The Return of Chile’s Left

For the first time in nearly fifty years, genuine left, popular forces reestablished themselves on the electoral landscape, threatening the power of the bipartisan duopoly that has dominated Chile’s post-Pinochet democracy

por René Rojas

The failure of German climate policy

The myth of Germany as a ‘Climate Saviour’

Germany is by no means an ecological pioneer or a champion of climate protection. This is a country whose wealth is based on a both socially and environmentally highly destructive economic model

por Tobias Haas

Elections in Germany

Merkel, Schulz and their governing parties are the losers

The Christian Democrats received their second worst results in the history of the republic. Government formation will not become easy for Angela Merkel

por Horst Kahrs

Four Challenges to Global Trade Activists

“We need a powerful vision”

“We cannot leave the field to a neoliberalism married to hideous, reactionary values. A progressive future is not guaranteed. We must work to bring it about, and we will”

por Walden Bello

Beyond the Pink Tide

Trade Deals and the Future of the Anti-Globalisation Movement

The beating heart of this global resistance was always Latin America – the continent that has most fundamentally challenged the economic theory and practice of the US and Europe governments

por Nick Dearden
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