The myth of Germany as a ‘Climate Saviour’

Germany is by no means an ecological pioneer or a champion of climate protection. This is a country whose wealth is based on a both socially and environmentally highly destructive economic model

Is California Selling Climate Illusions?

Acre is specifically highlighted in current proposals as the first tropical forest state with which California plans to “link” its carbon market

Paris is burning

There is an emergent climate justice movement that insists on putting those who are most affected by climate change first and that brings together communities on the frontlines of resistance with indigenous people, environmentalists, trade unionists, and so many others

By the way, it actually works!

We wish to encourage interested readers to think about renewables and to motivate civil society activists and politicians to review their way of thinking in the field of energy politics

Perspectives on Colombian coal exports

And while their analysis focused on Colombia, they are quite explicit in reminding us that their findings are also relevant for other "developing" or "emerging" economies that rely on fossil fuel extraction

COP21: A new disguise for an old agreement

The Paris Agreement repeats old mistakes and will fail. The answer lies in a self-organized, self-conscious and empowered humanity that believes in its self and nature more than in technology and market forces.
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