In the belly of the beast

German workers have been fighting for a fair contract at Amazon’s shipping facilities. The ongoing struggle has become one of the toughest labour disputes in modern German history

The myth of Germany as a ‘Climate Saviour’

Germany is by no means an ecological pioneer or a champion of climate protection. This is a country whose wealth is based on a both socially and environmentally highly destructive economic model

Merkel, Schulz and their governing parties are the losers

The Christian Democrats received their second worst results in the history of the republic. Government formation will not become easy for Angela Merkel

Visit of German President to Chile Raises Colonia Dignidad Issue

"Gauck commits a big error when ignoring the responsibility of the German state in the events that allowed Colonia Dignidad to commit all kinds all kinds of crimes"

Europe needs moral leadership from Germany

On the question of refugees, we have it – and that’s excellent. On the question of how to deal, at long last, with the Eurozone’s crisis, there has been no German leadership – indeed, quite the opposite, as the German government has been lagging behind developments.
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