A Tunisian perspective on the 2018 WSF in Bahia

I must say that I left Brazil with the same questions that I ask myself after the past editions that I attended. Does it make sense after the lack of political impact of the final edition to keep taking part and contributing to the WSF dynamic?

Services, Democracy and Corporate Rule in the Trump Era

TiSA is in fact aimed at freeing corporations providing transnational services from what they view as burdensome and needlessly differing national and local regulations. The agreement is also designed to pry open public services to commercial involvement

Solidarity with the MST!

According to the MST, the whole operation means to frighten the activists of two camps on public land coveted by a lumber company in the state of Paraná. We see with dismay the repeated episodes of repression of peaceful protests and social organizations committed to the expansion of human rights

Towards Global Regulation on Human Rights and Business

In this study, the authors call on governments not to give in to the pressure of corporate lobbyists, but to challenge their demands. The Treaty process presents the opportunity for governments to prove that it is in their hands to put human rights above the interests of big business.

Argentina: A Reconfiguration of the Left?

Historian Horacio Tarcus: "Leftist groups they could lead a process of unity, with open discussion, without mutual exclusion, without reciprocal sectarianism. This sounds like a utopia but some steps have already been taken"
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