Trade Deals and the Future of the Anti-Globalisation Movement

The beating heart of this global resistance was always Latin America – the continent that has most fundamentally challenged the economic theory and practice of the US and Europe governments

Unpacking Trade and Investment

Big trade agreements have often been understood as substitutes for the stalled WTO negotiations. What should we do against the next neoliberal moves? To understand all this, we need to look back to the history of global trade negotiations

TTIP: Why the World Should Beware

This booklet delivers facts and arguments why TTIP is threat not only for the EU and the US, but for the whole world. Ultimately TTIP would serve as an instrument to the economic and political elites of the West to maintain their hegemonic power and dominance.

TTIP – The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

The main goal of the TTIP treaty currently being negotiated in secret between the EU and the USA is to remove regulatory "barriers" which restrict the potential profits to be made by transnational corporations on both sides of the Atlantic. The "barriers" are in reality some of our most prized social standards and environmental regulations.
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