Services, Democracy and Corporate Rule in the Trump Era

TiSA is in fact aimed at freeing corporations providing transnational services from what they view as burdensome and needlessly differing national and local regulations. The agreement is also designed to pry open public services to commercial involvement

Donald Trump and the rise of the nationalist right

We are witnessing a tidal change, and it will not be for the better. Right-wing nationalist populism continues to rise throughout the Western world. With the victory of Donald Trump, its ascendancy has reached a new height

Democrats, Republicans, and the Crisis of U.S. Politics

The closest commentator that the contemporary United States has to Mark Twain, satirist and television host Bill Maher, surveyed the sorry state of American politics midway through the 2016 election season and declared, “Our system sucks. The Constitution needs a Page One rewrite”

Bernie Sanders’ Socialist USA

Bernie Sanders is the best-positioned person to galvanize a broad movement with the chance to win power and also realign political alliances around class-based and racial solidarity, as opposed to the divisions that corporate interests would impose upon us.

When pigs fly

It was a real sensation: On 17 December 2014, when the heads of state of Cuba and the United States announced their intention to normalize relations between the two states, which had been frozen for over a half century, the global public reacted with surprise. What led to this change?
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