Argentina says No to “Free Trade Agreements”

The overall objective is to build a national campaign against the agenda of liberalization. Alcira Argumedo denounced these treaties because they are negotiated in absolute secret and remembered that the FTA agenda implies the rupture of the regional integration processes achieved so far...

Argentina: A Reconfiguration of the Left?

Historian Horacio Tarcus: "Leftist groups they could lead a process of unity, with open discussion, without mutual exclusion, without reciprocal sectarianism. This sounds like a utopia but some steps have already been taken"

“Extractivism creates a society without subjects”

How have power relations within social movements changed since the implementation of government social policies? Why does the extractivist model create a society without subjects, or social actors?

A visit to a fracking zone in Patagonia

Gas leaks, oil spills (the most recent being this past February) are now commonplace. The people here point out the conspicuous absence of the employees of the province's Environment Ministry. The ministry says they have five trucks patrolling the region, but people here say they've only ever seen one.
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