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No future for UNASUR?

Colombia's impending withdrawal has left UNASUR on the edge of collapse. Why has the organization continued to struggle?

The National, the International and Marielle’s Assassination

On the evening of March 14, the second day of the 2018 WSF in Brazil, 38-year old city councilwoman and human rights activist Marielle Franco was assassinated in Rio de Janeiro

The Lula Question

The Brazilian Left is still paralyzed by the question that even the grim results of the Porto Alegre sentence did not put to rest: will Lula be a presidential candidate in 2018?

“The Left is a bit stuck in what needs to be done today”

"Where did we go wrong? Why has this happened? You can’t just blame the enemy. Why should the enemy be nice to you?" PLUS: Ali´s TV programme on corruption in Brazil

Solidarity with local leaders facing threats!

Solidarity with all those who suffer threats because of their firm political stance to defend their territories against the incessant exploitation of capital: You are not alone!

Violence against the Indigenous Peoples in Brazil

We believe this report will serve as an instrument in the search for solutions for the extremely serious problems that affect the existence and the dignity of the indigenous peoples, because that is essentially its function

Solidarity with the MST!

According to the MST, the whole operation means to frighten the activists of two camps on public land coveted by a lumber company in the state of Paraná. We see with dismay the repeated episodes of repression of peaceful protests and social organizations committed to the expansion of human rights

Crisis in Brazil

Nowhere have economic and political crises fused so explosively as in Brazil, whose streets have in the past year seen more protesters than the rest of the world combined.

“Extractivism creates a society without subjects”

How have power relations within social movements changed since the implementation of government social policies? Why does the extractivist model create a society without subjects, or social actors?
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